Repair, Renovate & Waterproofing Training in India

To improve the quality of workmanship in the waterproofing industry, we also provide training to individuals who want to join the waterproofing industry as certified applicators. We also organize workshops to update existing independent waterproofing applicators with the latest available high-grade chemicals.

Many students complete diplomas and degrees and do not get good jobs because of a lack of experience. A good company requires experienced employees, they don`t like to hire fresher because a fresher takes lots of time to understand and learn the practical work and the company also need to spend money to train a fresher.


If you want to make a career in the construction field and are looking for a good training institute for practical knowledge then we will help you.


If you do not have any degree or diploma in civil and you want to work as a private worker or a supervisor, then you can get practical training from us.

We have a lot of works related to Construction and Civil in Delhi NCR, so after your training, you can start a job from our company also.